Hosted Business Phone System

Take control of your business communications with an easy to use, simple to administer, full featured phone system for a low monthly fee.


Value Driven:

What are the benefits of VoIP?

demo"One of the key benefits is the release from traditional telecom..."
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Updated: March 8, 2012

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The Pros Of Hosted Phone Systems

demo Hosted phone systems are a plus for small business, thanks to no hardware and low costs...Read More-

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VoIP = Value of Increasing Productivity

demo"Simply by adding voice capability to your already existing data network, you immediately reduce costs because now you need to manage – and pay – for only one network connection instead of two."
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Updated: March 8, 2012

CIO VoIP - Hosted Business Phone System


CIOVoIP uses the power of the Internet to deliver a feature rich, full function phone system previously reserved for large businesses. CIOVoIP provides enterprise-class service without the hassle, limitations, AND COST of traditional systems. By delivering our service across the Internet, technology has enabled us to 'centralize' the full functionality of a traditional PBX into a centralized 'softswitch' housed in a secure data center.


Key Benefits:


CIOVoIP is flexible

CIOVoIP provides you with top quality voice services, no matter what solution you need or where you are in the country. We offer fully hosted voice services to your office or home office to industry leading IP Phones. We can also use our SIP trunking to enhance your existing PBX with the latest in IP features. Using the power of the Internet allows your multi location busniess to connect with 4 digit dialing making your regional office in the next state feel like the office next door.


CIOVoIP is easy

The CIOVoIP Hosted Business Phone System is administered from a web portal. Changes can be made on the fly to best accomnodate your busniesses ever changing needs. If 'do-it-yourself' is not your style, we our superior customer service staff will be happy to handle your system changes for you. Throw in our easy to negotiate 'per-seat' pricing and CIOVoIP proves to redefine 'Simplicity' once again.


CIOVoIP increases productivity

Because CIOVoIP connects via the Internet, your users are not limited to a physical space. A user can merely take their phone with them to a new location if needed. Since CIOVoIP is administered via a web portal, you no longer have to schedule a service appointment and wait for a technician. Changes can be made on the fly. Unified Communications, Find Me Follow Me, Extension Assignment are standard plus there are a host of productivity inspired options is available 'a la carte' as well. Please check out the Features section for complete details.


Key Features:

Standard Features:

  • Call Forward / Transfer
  • Speed Dial / Music On Hold
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Caller ID / Keep Existing Phone Numbers
  • 4 digit dialing across multiple locations
  • Call Waiting / Call Rejection / Call Park
  • Account Codes / Toll Restriction
  • Business Continuity - phone system never down.






Optional Features: ('a la Carte' Pricing)

  • iFax - Hosted Fax service - delivery to email
  • Call Recording with retrieval
  • Voice mail to text via email





CIOVoIP Network Example:

Simple, Flexible, Increased Productivity:

CIOVoIP - Flexibilty, Simplicity, Productivity


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